I don't take a <br> until my code is spic 'n <span>.

  • CSS

    Extended experience with CSS, including CSS3 animations and the Less preprocessor.

  • JavaScript

    No libraries, no problem.

  • jQuery

    5 years of experience in jQuery and various popular plugins.

  • ReactJS

    A Facebook technology that will not be used to undermine your customers' rights to freedom and privacy.

  • PHP

    My goto description;

    description: language for backend web development.

  • SQL

    Proficient in SQL and MySQL; Both of which I have used extensively to create and manage databases and stored procedure in phpMyAdmin and Microsoft SQL Server

  • Events

    Graduations, Corporate, Birthdays, Proms, House parties... If it needs a DJ, i'll be there.

  • Music Selection

    The choice of music is yours and the playlist is created in advance for you to review.

  • Sound & Light

    If your venue does not provide Sound & Light, I can arrange that through my partners.